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    Orange Ball Hot Shots Challenge

    This event will be a teams event with singles and doubles round robin format.

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Terms and Conditions

The programs afford my child/myself the opportunity to participate in activities, including, but not limited to: on court tennis drills, match play, conditioning and multi-sport activities, camps and court hire. There are inherent risks involved with all these activities. I choose to voluntarily allow my child/myself to participate in this. I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risk of loss, property damage or personal injury, which may be sustained by my child/myself as a result of their/my participation.

Tennis NSW Membership

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This gives you access to:

  • Personal Sports Accident Insurance

  • Priority ticketing to Australian Open and Australian Open Series Events

  • Access to discounted tickets to Apia International Sydney

  • Access to French Open and Wimbledon Ticket Ballots

  • Ability to compete in sanctioned tournaments and competitions

  • Access to Tennis NSW player e-newsletter

Fees, Term Dates & Public Holidays

- Tennis Enrollments run in accordance with the NSW Public School Term; starting on the school term start date, and ending on the last day of the school term.

- Term fees are a ?xed price and are non-negotiable. They are based around the School Term, with the length of the term being from 9 to 11 weeks.

- Coaching will not be held on NSW Public Holidays.

- Invoices for the upcoming term will be sent out 2 to 3 weeks prior to the end of the current term.

- The preferred payment method is paying here online but can also be made by cash or cheque (made out to Voyager Tennis).

- Payment is required before the start of the ?rst lesson. No further lessons will be provided until any outstanding accounts/payments are paid in full.

- Student positions are not secured until full payment is received.

- We do not provide refunds, we only provide credits but not into the following term.

- Voyager Tennis reserves the right to change term fee prices at any time.

Non attendance

- Absence from a paid private lesson without informing your coach at least 24 hours prior to your lesson, will not entitle the player to a lesson credit.

- Group coaching sessions that are missed for any reason, will not be made up for, refunded or credited for future terms. Only in extreme circumstances (i.e. serious injury) will fees be credited towards future terms. Medical certificate must be provided.

Wet Weather & Make Up Classes

- All group classes will run regardless of weather and will be held indoors in the case of wet weather. Only in the event that an undercover area can not be sourced will Voyager Tennis cancel or transfer the session.

- In the event of a private lesson being cancelled due to wet weather, you will be contacted by text, phone call or email by Voyager Tennis who will allot a make-up lesson time.

- Failure to show up on the assumption that your class will be cancelled due to bad weather will be deemed as a no-show and the class will not be made up for, refunded or credited towards future terms.

- If you are unable to attend the scheduled make up class, for whatever reason, your class will not be made up for, refunded or credited towards future terms. It is your responsibility to remember the date and time of your make up class.

- For squads, players get a maximum of one make up squad per term. This can be used during Voyager holiday training camps provided the are held. Make up will not be credited toward future terms.

Consent to use photographic or video images

- Voyager Tennis often uses it's website, Facebook and other social media to promote tennis activities through group photos or action shots. By checking 'I agree' you are providing consent that we can use any images or videos that may have your child in it for the sole purpose of promoting Voyager Tennis.

If you have any issues with this consent please email