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    Roy Emerson Orange Ball Clinic - Half Day (Jan 15 - Jan 19)
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    Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday & Friday
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**Important information**

1) All our clinic participants must be active members of TennisGear. An $18 Membership fee will apply for non-members.

2) Payments must be made upon enrolling your child. Payments can be made online via our website (online enrollment), at the centre or of over the phone using a credit card.

3) If a day has to be postponed due to wet weather you can make up that day on any other clinic day at any of our TennisGear Centres. If we do have to postpone a day please let our staff know when you would like to make up your day.

4) Please bring comfortable enclosed sports shoes, a hat, sunscreen, water bottle and racquet. Please bring a lunch box with enough food to get your child through a busy day of tennis. We have a water fountain at each centre.