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    Hot Shots Leagues Green Ball

    HSL Green Ball Term 2, 2017 Ingleburn Tennis Centre (Macquarie Fields leisure centre) 7 Rounds Please note: If any rounds are missed there will be double rounds to catch up.

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Terms and Conditions
1. All players are expected to arrive on time every round.
2. All players must be a Junior Smash Tennis Club member 2017/18.
3. Sufficient notice is to be given if you cannot attend your match or point penalty will apply.
4. If you are sick, please give us suffient time to find a reserve or point penalty may apply.
5. Only correct tennis attire or Hot Shots Branded clothing is permitted. No casual clothing.
6. Parents are to not umpire or aid players on court in regards to line calls and scoring.
7. All entries are non refundable. Players who become injured and cannot compete will require a doctors certificate for any credit's due to injury/s sustained whilst playing in this league. Credits will only be issued for injuries longer than 2 rounds.
8. In the event of missed rounds due to weather make up rounds may be scheduled for Saturday's 12.30-1.30pm
9. In the event of missed rounds due to weather make up rounds may be scheduled for Sunday's.
10. Matches may be reduced in length and format changed if some courts are not able to be used on the day. This will be at the discretion of Smash Tennis.
11. ALL matches will be umpired by the players, if there is a disagreement it is up to the players to request the court supervisor on the day.